Virtual Grid: How can a neutral space be produced in the Anthropocene? 

Workshop @umobdenizli __ February 9-13, 2022 


Neutral; It is characterized not by neutrality, but by numerous sides that allow vanishing lines. Neutral space is/are organized space(s) that make all possible scenarios possible. We invited workshop participants to rethink the concept of "neutral" and to produce neutral spaces in a virtual environment, in the "Anthropocene" - the age of overproduction of objects in which the weight of man-made objects exceeds the weight of all living things in the world. In the production of neutral space, the "grid", a spatial index encountered in the utopian and radical architectural imaginations of Superstudio and Yona Friedman, was considered the carrier of virtual space. Because the Grid (grid network), regardless of geography or topography, provides a neutral attitude towards the world by allowing the earth to be evaluated as an empty plane.

Participants constructed utopias in Mozilla Spoke, a 3D virtual reality interface, and these spaces were launched in Mozilla Hubs.

Participants: Erdal Ceyran, İsmail Talha Cura, Berna Dere, Mehmet Kaan Eski, Elnur Aybüke Gökçe, Pelin Gökçe, Cansu Tatlı, Beyzanur Yiğit

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Screen Recording 2022-02-13 at