Tracing Tomorrow: An AI Journey Towards the Next Century of the Republic of Turkey 

This workshop takes a thoughtful look at how to imagine the 200th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, by using AI image generators. The focus is on understanding how life has evolved in Turkey over the past century in areas such as fashion, transportation, nightlife (concept for a 200th-anniversary ball), architecture, public gardens, and educational institutions like universities and research centers.


Participants reviewed important historical events and places, using AI to create stories and visions about the next hundred years in Turkey.


Their work including images generated by AI, were displayed in a virtual reality setting created in Mozilla Hubs. This setting was inspired by Ankara's Exhibition House, a notable venue for displays in 20th-century Turkey. 


In collaboration with: Roxana Attar Madraki

Participants: Aslı Çeşmeli, Berre Çil, Ece Canipek, Bora Tuncegil, Ceyda Yalçınkaya, İris Karaarslan, Ece Şişmanoğlu, Ege Veyisoğlu, Eren Kavak, Ezgi Açıkbaş, İlayda Ünser, İrem Livaoglu, Kağan Ertürk, Melisa Aydın, Melissa Boyacı, Mert Yalçın, Orhan Çetinkaya, Ozan Esici, Rana Köseoğlu, Tuğce Parlak, Ulaş Coşkun