It is a desktop documentary screened as a part of the "Rethinking the Archive" program at the Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival 2022.

The documentary tells the story of objectifying, establishing much more "tight" and somewhat unusual bonds with objects through found objects, videos, and visuals. While the density of information, images, and simulations in the internet environment has turned everyone into a hoarder in the digital sense, we can now consider these digital ephemera in the virtual environment as a find. Objects from flea markets, auctions, and antique fairs displayed in the video all have at least one "second life" in common.

The question asked is (and it is somewhat answered.) How does the bond that the user/buyer establishes with the life of the “ordinary” objects of daily life change or does when they become an auction, exhibition hall, collection object, or stacked? Could it be the context in which it is present/exhibited that gives the object its value? So what is the role of the person who is its owner in this case?


Director: Duygu Yarımbaş

Camera: Merve Çaşkurlu