Happy Fishbowl

The “Happy Fishbowl” documentary tells the story of the Bagdat Avenue district in Istanbul from the beginning of the 20th century to the present and the urban transformation that has been experienced, with the found images. The documentary begins with an encounter and dialogue with one of the first inhabitants and discusses the urban transformation through a brief history of the district, interviews with old and new residents, and personal testimony and reckoning.

The documentary was selected for Crossroads International Short Film Festival - 2023 and won the prize in the category of "Best Reflects the Theme" in the festival. It was also screened in the Istanbul XVI. Architecture and Urban Film Festival at the Istanbul Metropolitan Branch of the Chamber of Architects.  [https://www.archfilmfest.org/film/mutlu-fanus-happy-fishbowl-2/]

Directed by Merve Çaşkurlu

Sound by Ece Ulutan Yüceil

trailer-Mutlu Fanus.mp4