“By virtue of the fact that the door forms, as it were, a linkage between the space of human beings and everything that remains outside it, it transcends the separation between the inner and the outer. Precisely because it can also be opened, its closure provides the feeling of stronger isolation against everything outside this space than the mere unstructured wall. The latter is mute, but the door speaks.” 

[Georg Simmel, Berlin, 1909]

Inspired by Simmel’s illustrious explanation about doors, we aimed to create virtual and hybrid semi-doors with the use of computational design programs, to unfold the experience of walking in the city with a phenomenal approach. The form-al background of semi-doors was derived from the existing doors of 5 buildings on the predetermined walking route(s). 

The participants created digital and/or analog collages to narrate their walking experience. These images were used to create a dual-channel video with the video of ever-transforming semi-doors. The 1/50 scale models of the existing doors and semi-doors were replaced on a site map along the route(s). All of these layers of the workshop were exhibited on Antrepo Building as a part of Istanbul 2. Design Biennial Academy Program.

Workshop conductors: Ali Derya Dostoğlu, Duygu Yarımbaş, Elif Belkız Öksüz, Turan Altıntaş

Participants:  Bengü Kartal, Betül Yılmaz, Cansel Ceviz, Ece Sinem Arık, Ezgi Atalayın