A Summer House in Kumburgaz

"Derya Yalı"

The building, which was published as "A Summer House in Kumburgaz"* in Arkitekt Magazine, was designed by Osef Sarafyan and the construction process was supervised by the architect himself. In the municipal records, it is referred to as "Derya Yali".

The building is described as four apartments where 4 crowded families will reside in the summer and benefit from nature. Completed in 1969, the building series consists of 4 units and 1 independent summer house designed with the logic of a row house. The 3-story buildings located by the sea have the characteristics of a mansion. The adjoining villas designed by Sarafyan and the detached villa next to it reflect a very unique brutal character that is immediately noticeable when viewed from the seafront.

* Arkitekt Cilt: 1969 Sayı: 1969-04 (336) Sayfa: 154-155