Histories of the Post-Digital 

1960s and 1970s Media Art Snapshots

17 Aralık | December 2014 _ 21 Şubat | February 2015

This timeline was exhibited at Akbank Sanat in the scope of the “Post Digital Histories, 1960s 1970s Media Art Snapshots” exhibition which aims to explore the media art histories of the early post-digital era, the first artistic products of the 1960s and 1970s. The exhibition attempts to read from the present perspective the histories that were written with each event, each research, and artwork and that are part of the paradigm we live in now. The history of media art in Turkey does not go very far back. The history of media art in Turkey does not go very far back. This history has certainly got into motion in the second half of the 1990s with the entry of the Internet in Turkey and the concomitant interest in media art.


Artists who specifically follow a career in the media arts in Turkey are a younger generation who began their production in the 2000s. Media art originated in avant-garde artworks and critical exhibitions of the 1960s that sought to explore the far-reaching effects of technology. Its popularity increased parallel to the development of computer technology in the 1980s and it became a mature field of artistic expression. This field entered the Turkish arts agenda in the 2000s with a delay of some twenty or thirty years.*


* Ertan, E. (2055). Introduction to Histories of the Post-Digital.  1960s and 1970s Media Art Snapshots. Histories of the Post-Digital. Akbank Sanat, 3-9. 

Timeline design: Fatih Aydoğdu 

Timeline research: Merve Çaşkurlu, Ekmel Ertan, Fatih Aydoğdu