AI Lens~scapes_Envısıonıng Invısıble Madrıd 

In the two-day workshop, participants utilized AI tools to craft a visionary social media campaign that covers the works produced in the "AI the Lens~scapes_Envisioning Invisible Madrid” workshop. Drawing inspiration from Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities," the workshop focuses on reimagining Madrid's urban landscape through the lens of AI.

Participants explored their unique spatial narratives and architectural marvels in the first session and they drew parallels between Italo Calvino's visually rich cities from "Invisible Cities" and the neighborhoods of Madrid. In the second session, they learned and applied AI image generation techniques to convey urban visions into compelling visuals and they had hands-on training with AI tools like DALL-E, guided practice in visual storytelling. The final session consisted of brainstorming sessions, narrative development for Madrid's digital metamorphosis, and presentations.

The workshop was hosted by the Audiovisual and Graphic Creation Department, UDIT – University of Design, Innovation and Technology (Madrid).

Participants: Victoria Eng, Sergio Buitrago, Paula Loredo Herranz, Martina García, Isabel Álvarez, Isaac Pipo, Alena Robles, Sara Fisac, Sofia Castro