Duygu Yarımbaş Awarded in Non-Architecture's AI Architecture Competition with "The toilet is your oyster" [2023]

The Future Toilet" competition is organized by the Non-Architecture platform. "The competition is looking for innovative designers who can bring their futuristic toilet design ideas to life, using the advanced capabilities of AI engines. The competition aims to create a toilet experience that is not only functional, but also pushes the boundaries of what is possible with AI technology. Think outside the box and create a bathroom experience that is truly unique and memorable. Whether you imagine a toilet with interactive displays, sensory experiences, or even a musical element, the possibilities are endless.”. (From the competition pamphlet.)

[#Prompt: Detailed futuristic interior of a high-tech toilet inside a transparent pneumatic hub of irregular geometry, the hub is floating, ecologically corrupted backdrop, monitoring touch screens inside the hub, closet, sink, visible infrastructure, hydroponic waste disposal with fluorescent jellyfish, pastel soft lighting, photorealistic].