The artwork explores the journey of migrant women, predominantly from post-Soviet states such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, who relocate to Turkey to work as live-in domestic workers. The dissolution of the Soviet Union led to an economic crisis, driving these women to leave their homelands in search of new opportunities in Istanbul.


Created for the “VR Artcamp” artist residency program, this project aims to evoke empathy for these constantly migrating workers, emphasizing the profound isolation they encounter during their transition. Despite efforts to build connections, they find themselves isolated within their employers’ homes.


A notable aspect of their lives is how they become extensions of the families for whom they work, both in spatial and social terms. In Turkey, it's common for upper-middle-class families to create separate, distinct living spaces for housekeepers or babysitters. These annexes, representing the women's alienation, illustrate how they live as appendages to their employers' lives, their existence tied to their work and the households they serve.


To enhance the immersive experience, this artwork was exhibited in a VR space hosted by Mozilla Hubs, allowing visitors to virtually navigate and engage with these intimate yet alienated spaces.


The artwork invites viewers to contemplate the identity and history inherent in these frequently ignored spaces, where personal narratives and cultural displacement converge.

Artist: Merve Çaşkurlu

Sound by: Ece Yüceil Ulutan (Experiencing the work does not require a VR headset) 

Annex - HD