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August 2023 

Article by Duygu Yarımbaş

Salt research 

12-13 November 2021 | DOCOMOMO_TR

Located on Celaliye Istanbul Street, the building was designed by architect Osef Sarafyan, born in 1932 and graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 1956. Having stayed in the USA for a while, Sarafyan worked with Minoru Yamasaki and had the opportunity to take part in important projects such as the Twin Towers.

The building, which was published as "A Summer House in Kumburgaz" in Arkitekt Magazine, was mentioned as "Derya Yalı" in the municipality records. The building is described as four apartments where 4 crowded families will reside in the summer and benefit from nature.

The findings of the research were presented and published in DOCOMOMO_TR, Local Expansions of Modernism in Turkish Architecture XVII.

17 December 2014 _ 21 February 2015

This timeline was exhibited at Akbank Sanat in the scope of the “Post Digital Histories, 1960s 1970s Media Art Snapshots” exhibition which aims to explore the media art histories of the early post-digital era, the first artistic products of the 1960s and 1970s. 

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