As co-leXer team, we held the META_MEGA KARAKÖY workshop with 20 architecture students from various cities of Turkey within the scope of “Urban Dreams XV” in July 2022. The outputs of the workshop were exhibited at the Karaköy Branch of the Chamber of Architects on November 7.

In the first stage of the META_MEGA KARAKÖY workshop, the importance of sound as an architectural element, auditory in negative space, and the transition from the visual plane to the sound plane was discussed, while reinterpreting these maps by converting them into sound form via online AI tools. The audio tracks created from the maps were converted into 8-dimensional form. In the next step, we talked about the potential of online virtual reality platforms in architectural design. We presented examples of MEGASTRUCTURES, a controversial theme in the history of contemporary architecture, which could inspire speculative design projects that the participants imagine for Karaköy. Using these reference points, the participants created their own futuristic Karaköy imaginations by transferring their individual maps and 8-channel audio tracks to the virtual reality environment.

In collaboration with: Burak Levent, Melek Kılınç, Beyza Nur Batı, Demet Coşkun

Participants: Fatih Akalan, Ece Altun, Esma Artış, Alihan Selahattin Aygül, Nazende Bakır, Esma Zeynep Çam, Mert Çevik, Alara Demirkıran, Berke Yılmaz Kara, Mehmet Kuşça, Emin Tugay Önal, Doruk Sivri, Gamze Topuz, Dilan Turan

E. Zeynep Çam.mp4

E. Zeynep Çam

Doruk Sivri

Doruk Sivri

Alara Demirkıran

Ece Altun

Mert Çevik

Nazende Bakır